7 Simple Tips to help your staff be Extraordinary

The things you "can't" say to your staff, but we can for you...

Improve the morale and performance of your team!

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  • Simple Teaching...

    ...easy to understand and learn so you don't have to spend time coming up with a success training program. 

  • Soulful Practices...

    ...create a better environment so that you and your employees have a more fulfilling work experience & more satisfaction.

  • Successful Results..., your staff, and most importantly...your customers will notice the Simple, Soulful, Successful difference.

Here is a handout that will improve your staff's performance instantly?


The things you "can't" say to your staff, but we can for you...

7 Simple Tips to help your staff be Extraordinary

Use this guide to help improve the performance of your team!





The #1 International Bestseller Simple Soulful Successful shares how work and family are both important. As a mom-preneur, Marie found a way to keep love, passion, and parenthood a part of that balance.

It’s not impossible. It’s a matter of effort and intention. Embrace simplicity. Express your soul. Achieve success as you see it.

About Marie

Over twenty years, Marie Temby has been a successful multi-site bakery franchisee. She and her husband, Kym, have now been together for over thirty years, raising their two sons. As the case can be for many people around the world, life was always hectic, and overwhelm was a part of each and every day.


Marie went on a search for discovery―not only for herself but for those ahead and following―to find the skills necessary for retrieving the time and balance previously in place that she so desperately wanted again. Not only did she find time and energy to accomplish what she needed and wanted to do, she found success in both her personal and professional life. Most importantly, she discovered a path to daily happiness. Her new goal is now to share this with the world.

100s of Clients

25 Years Experience

International Author

Simplify Your Life

Simple Soulful Successful





Discover the journey to success. 

  • Learn what they don't teach you at business school about being an entrepreneur. 

  • Why you won't have to make the same mistakes most entrepreneurs make. 

  • Learn how to nurture your mind, soul and health while creating a legacy business.  

  • How to balance your business and family without missing a beat.  

"I love this book! Heartfelt, helpful, and inspiring. I strongly recommend you read it - and share it with family and friends, too!"


Author of Zero Limits, star of the hit movie The Secret


Simple Soulful Successful has practical examples for transforming both your personal and professional life from ordinary to extraordinary!"


International keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation


What readers are saying about the book...


As a business owner and mother I found myself nodding in agreement throughout this book. Marie has written this in such a way that it flows through her journey and gives thoughtful advice along the way. Well written and positive, whilst not downplaying the hardships she has faced. I’ll certainly be applying many of her principles in my personal and professional roles.


Amy May

Heartfelt view into the life of a franchisee, but more importantly into the life of a strong woman making the best of her life and career for the benefit of all who surround her resulting in positive results for herself. 






Amanda Crockett-Naini

Packed with real life scenarios that give a refreshingly honest review of life as a business owner. Offering practical advice that is not overwhelming and worksheets to help implement the changes that can really help you . Some excellent reading references included. A must read if you are trying to find the balance between work, and family.



Andree H.

Organize Your Day

Simple Soulful Successful

Get the Planner so that...

  • Remember to be grateful every day and keep in touch with those that are important to you

  • Take all the steps required to achieve your goals

  • Create and carry out daily rituals that will make sure you are happy and balanced

  • Prompt you to watch a daily sunrise or sunset Fit into your week all you have to do as well as all you want to do

Soothe Your Routine


Check out my

10 Rituals

See the 10 rituals that will soothe your mind, body and soul. I use these everyday to create balance in my life! A great compliment to my Simple Soulful Successful book!

Extraordinary Staff


The things you "can't" say to your staff, but we can for you...

7 Tips To Help Your Staff Be Extraordinary

Use this guide to help improve the morale and performance of your team!

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Marie Temby

Marie is highly sought after speaker and consultant.

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